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    This is for associating customers (once they are created) with sales people. For example, in your company, there are 5 sales managers, and you want to associate number of customers with each sales person. And then, you can check reports by sales person. This way you can monitor each sales person's performance, how many customers does he/she have, average sales, monthly sales etc etc. This might require a core hack but I think it could be possible to do it without hack with by associating customers with sales people from your component.
    Created by Alper Yenilmez
    on November 04, 2011

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    necesitaria una utilidad para Virtuemat 1.1.9 (joomla 1.5.26)

    Deberia ser un calculador de precios en base a la cantidad entrada en Virtuemart



    Le digo a Virtuemart que voy a comprar una unidad el precio es de 2 euros y el importe de 2 euros si compro 3 el precio unidad es de 1,9 euros y el importe de 5.7 si le compro 4 el precio unidad es de 1.8 y el importe de 7.20 y así sucesivamente

    El precio y el importe deberian ir apareciendo conforme voy cambiando la cantidad del campo cantidad en el Frontend. En el back end se deberia poner el rango y escalonado de precios

    Esta utilidad ya existe pero es para VIRTUEMART 2.0 unicamente

    Podrias desarrollarme esta utilidad ?

    Created by Lluis Callejon
    on May 13, 2014

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    It would be great if there were saved or preset report buttons e.g daily which would output current days sales or weekly which would automatically generate sales for the previous week from current date. 
    If this data could be sent daily or weekly (at the end of the business week) via email to a specified address that would be fantastic.

    Created by Sean McCaughey
    on May 19, 2015

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