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Category: New Features

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Suggestion: Display reports based on Sales People / Sales Teams

This is for associating customers (once they are created) with sales people. For example, in your company, there are 5 sales managers, and you want to associate number of customers with each sales person. And then, you can check reports by sales person. This way you can monitor each sales person's performance, how many customers does he/she have, average sales, monthly sales etc etc. This might require a core hack but I think it could be possible to do it without hack with by associating customers with sales people from your component.
Alper Yenilmez
 on November 04, 2011

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Latitud WEB Analytic Tools
posted 2450 days ago

I belive it's doable without requiring any VM hack. But it'd require some work. We'd have to build and manage a new table on the Joomla! backend where Joomla! users (sales managers) are assigned other Joomla! users (customers), and display additional reports based on these assignations.

Anyway, I believe this can be useful.

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