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Web Analytics: professional reporting system for Joomla!

Download the Joomla! Web Analytics Reporting System (WEB ANALYTICS)The Joomla! Web Analytics Professional Reporting System (WEB ANALYTICS) displays the most useful reports for your Joomla! based website. With its 68 different types of reports and its 4 different time frameworks (Days, Weeks, Months and Years), it provides the most detailed view on what's going on on your web.

Contents, Categories, Sections, Authors, Users ... all the valuable information available is shown to you in the most friendly manner, every report combining an easily readable graphical display for quick interpretation, and a detailed matrix data for deeper inspection.

Using WEB ANALYTICS on your website, you'll get to know exactly what need to be done, where and when. No more valuable data lost in the deeper side of the database. With this out-of-the-box solution, now it'll be all in your hands. You only need to install it, and you can start using it right away (no further configuration required).

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Compatible with:

Joomla! CMS

WEB ANALYTICS is compatible with Joomla! 1.5.

It's as simple to use as Google Analytics because it takes a very similar approach to display reports. If you're familiar with Google Analytics, you already know how to use WEB ANALYTICS also.

WEB ANALYTICS provides reports for following five main areas (though others will be included in future releases):

  • Content: how new contents are being created and published over time
  • Categories: what categories and what category contents are the most popular.
  • Sections: what sections and what section contents are the most popular.
  • Authors: what authors are the most active and what author contents are the most popular.
  • Users: when and how users register and login to your website.

Every report also includes a set of header buttons indicating global amounts and values relevant to the correspondent report. This way the specific data is displayed together with the global data, so preliminar analysis based on the displayed data can be achieved quite straight forward.

The 4 different time frameworks (Days, Weeks, Months and Years) makes it suit to detect tendencies and projections for websites of every size. This tool has also been optimized to work with large websites.



WEB ANALYTICS - New Content WEB ANALYTICS - Categories Percentage WEB ANALYTICS - Top Sections WEB ANALYTICS - Top Content by Author

WEB ANALYTICS - User Registration

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