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Sales Analytics Configuration & Settings

SALES ANALYTICS can be configured on the Joomla administrator. To configure go to ComponentsSALES ANALYTICS. Then press the Settings button.

SALES ANALYTICS - Component Selection SALES ANALYTICS - Settings Button SALES ANALYTICS - Settings

Settings are grouped into tabs and include the following parameters:


  • Style: the style to use to display the reports, classic or modern.
  • Sales Analytics component width: the width of the Sales Analytics component (you can adjust it to your screen resolution). The layout will be adjusted to this width, if possible.
  • Side column width: the width of the side column.
  • Minimum Button Width: the minimum width for the header buttons.
  • Maximum Button Width: the maximum width for the header buttons.
  • Header Margin: the margin for the header elements.
  • Header Padding: the padding for the header elements.
  • Graphic Height: the height of the graphic element.
  • Column Margin: the margin to the sidebar column.
  • Right Margin: the margin to the right border of the screen.
  • Enable Link Box: whether to display the box with direct links to product support, customization and additional info in the side bar.

Pagination & Registers

  • # Registers per Page: number of table registers to be displayed on each page.
  • # Top Customers: number of customers to be displayed on Top Lists.
  • # Top-Sellers: number of products to be displayed on Top Sellers Lists.
  • # Products, Lowest Inventory List: number of products to be displayed on the Lowest Inventory List.
  • # Products, Lowest Inventory List: number of products to be displayed on the Highest Inventory List.


  • Enable VirtueMart Integration: whether to enable VirtueMart Integration.
  • Successful Transaction Status: what VirtueMart Order Status indicate a successful transaction on the online shop (you can select more than one status). These transactions will be used to build the Sales Analytics reports.
  • Successful Transaction Date: whether the last order modification date or the order creation date is used to display reports.

SALES ANALYTICS is now compatible with VirtueMart 1.1.x, and its advanced architecture allows other e-commerce solutions to be incorporated in future versions.


  • Currency Symbol: the currency symbol.
  • Currency Position: whether the currency symbol is to be displayed after or before the monetary amount.
  • Decimal Separator: the Decimal Separator.
  • # Decimal Digits: the number of Decimal Digits
  • Thousands Separator: the Thousands Separator.


  • Enable Data Export: whether to enable report data export to excel, csv and tab delimited files.
  • Export Data Format: the export data format to use: Excel Spreadsheet, Comma separated values or Tab delimited files.
  • Whether to format monetary values using the currency format: to avoid any issue when exporting to spreadsheets, currency data formats can be removed to export only the numerical values.
  • Enable Graph Export (experimental): whether to enable graph export. This feature is still experimental, and it's only available for certain report types.

Performance Tuning

  • Enable tuning: whether to enable performance tuning, useful to handle large online stores.
  • Orders Permanently Updated: what orders statuses are permanently checked on each user request for an order status change. For best real time results, this parameter should be set to the maximum time between when a new order is placed and when it becomes a successful transaction.
  • Orders Global Update: when all orders in the database are checked to look for any order status change.

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